Thursday, December 03, 2009

The court jugdment

My husband and I went the court this Monday. I prepared a lot of materials and practiced how to response all the possible questions at home. However, the hearing took only around one minute and asking a very few questions. When I was called, I tried to explain the whole happening. But the judge stopped me, directly asking why I asked the amount of payment. I answered that I bought an Iphone but it did not work. He said, “Return it.” I said, “I want to return, but the store refused. They said that is my responsibility.” Then the judge asked me saying no more. He wrote down the court decision, and told me the written judgment will send to my home in ten days. It is done.

I know the Chinese store would be very unhappy about that. However, they can do nothing. It would not be a pleasure to see them again by returning the Iphone to them. But they must be more upset than me. Anymore, in this case, I am at least not the loser.


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