Sunday, November 14, 2010

Papers and tutors

I finished the first chapter and 11 pages of the second chapter. That means I am basically keeping up with my plan. If there is no anything accident, I’ll finish the second chapter by end of this month. Then in December, I’ll have adequate time to revise them.

I really don’t like the tutor whom I am assigned in the college Writing Centre. She has completely no idea about my subject, and I can tell she is indifferent in my paper at all. It is understandable and I don’t blame her. I just feel I am unlucky. Several times I thought that I might stop to go, but I again and again tell myself that a few is better than none. So, I am keeping the tutoring appointment. The tutor I met in last two semesters was not very good either, but compared to this one, he was much better. I start to miss him.

I have to solely rely on Barry to correct my paper. Even though he is always pleasure to help me, I really don’t want to bother him too much. Professor Rossabi said he would correct my paper in the end of this semester, but I doubt if he has the time to do this for me.


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