Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sociology exam is over

I finished the exam of socoiology. I don't want to think it any more, and just gald that it was over. There are another three exams within the several days,but any one cannot more difficult than this one. I am going to go back China; everyone believe that I will have a wonderful vacation as a honeymoon, but I certainly have no idea about that. Sometimes, people want a change may not because the future is really attractive but they are truly bothered by the current situation. I don't know how to explain my feeling. I am neither not exicted by now nor this coming summer. Perhaps all my dreams are only exist in the dreams, they can never appear in the real life. My husband is not a exciting person; in fact, he is a extreme boring man, so as I. However, after I met some interesting people and found out an idea that those interesting person usually with many shortcoming which made me feel very uncomforable. Then, I realize that the peaceful life when I stay with my husband just the best way of life for me.
Someone said, if a man doesn't like a woman, he doesn't want be friends with her; if a man wants be friends with a woman, he doesn't only want to be friends with her. It' s a interesting idea. but I want to add some words. If limited by the specific situation, a man will keep a relationship as friends with a woman in his whole lifetime. My husband has a few female friends, and I truly believe that they have right relationship. Since I have a different character from him, I cannot have a close male friend without any special feelings.


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