Monday, July 30, 2007

A B on the midterm exam of American history

I got a B on the midterm exam of American history. It is much better than I have imagined. Before I received the grade, I almost believed than I was going to fail this course and planed to drop it. I know B is not a good grade to be proud, but since this course is so difficult for me, a B implies that I don’t fall into a worst situation yet. I am glad about that.

I finished the writing exercise for Archaeology 103 during last weekend and discussed it with a writing tutor this noon. I will hand it in in tomorrow class. This night, I may go to swimming with Taotao in the college swimming pool. I bought a nice swimsuit a few days ago with Candy. I am looking forward to swimming. I have never been to swimming in America though it is my favorite sport. If the swimming is not too crowded, I may go to swimming everyday during the break between summer and fall sessions.

I have a two page paper about the Civil Rights movement that due tomorrow. I have to work on it right now.


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