Friday, August 31, 2007

I love professor Sukhu's class

This Tuesday was the first class of Oriental Study 220. In the class, professor Sukhu told us that we would study Zen Buddhism during this semester in this class. It was a surprise because the class description on the college website didn’t mention this. I was so excited by it and even made cheer sounds. Professor Sukhu gave me a glance, and I assumed he was aware my exciting. Zen and Daoism are two philosophies that I loved the most.

Professor Sukhu is a very knowledgeably oriental scholar. He is the one who worthy I call him as my teacher in my life. I enjoy his class very much. In the Thursday class, he talked about Vedas. Vedas are the oldest and most complex tradition of India that appeared around 2000 BC; it is a difficult topic to explain to students who have no related background knowledge in a short time. However, Sukhu’s lecture is slow, clear, logical, and easy to understand.

In the first day of my English 140W course, our professor asked us to write a writing symbol, and today she returned them to us. This is my second time taking this professor’s class. I took her English 110 a year before. She left a comment on my writing. it said that it is good to see me again. She also suggested me to register a writing tutor in college. I felt bad the comment implies that she thinks my English is very poor. It’s a fact, and I knew it very clear. But I still feel bad when somebody point it out. After the class, I came to say hi to her and told her I have already registered a writing tutor. I want to show my concern in my study. This professor is a thoughtful and relative easy teacher. I wish I can do well in the class.

My friend Antony had four courses last semester, and he got two As and two A+s as his final grades. It’s a wonderful thing, but a wonderful thing could change to be a bad thing sometimes. Antony got much stress in the beginning of the semester. He very felt nervous and changed his schedule several times. Finally, he made his class schedule terrible, he has only four courses and totally ten credits. Because of having only ten credits, he dropped into a part time student. When I met him in school, I encouraged him to take another course in order to have three more credits and be a full time student again. He said he wanted to work, but the only reason that he wants to work is because he fears to study.

From this story, I conclude that the perfect is not absolutely good. Keeping in imperfect probably makes you live in ease. I suggest Antony to gain some As and some Bs in this semester, and then he will get a more comfortable attitude to deal with his following college studying.


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