Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer courses are over

The final exam of Archaeology was finished in this morning. So, all my summer courses were over. The professor returned my paper back to me, and she commented, “No deductions for grammatical errors.” Although I got an A on this paper, I didn’t feel happy about that. Her words implied that there were many grammatical errors on my two page-long paper.

I have been concerning about my grammar very much, and I am always plagued by how to improve it. I feel it is intolerant that leaving many mistakes on my writing. I dream one day my writing could be grammatical errors free. If I want to go to graduate school, I have to improve my English writing to an average level at least. Sometimes I doubt that I can reach the goal in my this life. Few of my friends who are in the similar situation with shows concern about the grammar studying. I wonder how they deal with it.

I divide Human beings’ weakness into two categories. For some of them, we may use our power to repair or correct them; but for the other, we can do nothing to restore them. Nevertheless, sometimes, the attempting of doing something impossible is attractive. Life is so boring and meaningless. I like to do something interesting or may be ridiculous, enjoying the difficult and struggle and ignore the result.

There are two week break between the summer and fall academic terms, I will use this time to study grammar as much as I can. However, I will still leave some time for relax. I just finished a three month intensive studying, didn’t I? Tonight I am going to read some Chinese fictions. This is one of the most enjoyable things for me in my life. Reading good fictions helped me to understand people and the world deeper and deeper. I extreme dislike somebody tells me how the world is. I’d like to knowledge it from my eyes and brain.

When I studied the American history, I found the whole book was full of the word, freedom. I guarantee that you can see it several times in every single page. In fact, I don’t think there is much freedom in America as they have claimed. It is a society, bureaucracy, and institutions. Everything runs following by its arranged trace. I felt I could not breathe in class when I encountered so much so-call freedom but essentially, everybody here was tightly controlled by much invisible rules. It exactly seams as any society, regardless Capitalism or Communism. Finally, when our study moved to the chapter of Beats, I felt somebody opened a window, which allowed a little bit fresh, cold, morning air pouring in the room.


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