Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dropped Anthr 208W on last Friday

I dropped Anthropology 208W. Before I did that, I felt I had no time to do anything except study, and the situation will continue until end of the semester. I was too anxious to sleep well. However, after I made the decision to drop a difficult course and did that, I was released. I called my friend and had a walk in the park that evening. I think that is the right way to live; working hard, but never leading yourself into a situation of excessive pressure. Only foolish people do that.

I met Barry and Candy yesterday. We had tea and coffer in a Chinese barker in Main Street after Barry finished his job at 4 o’clock. We have had such meeting several times; I love that. It is a good break to Barry, and we can meet each other in convenience, without to arrange a specific time every time.

After the meeting, we went a Korea restaurant for celebrate Candy’s birthday though her birthday will be around ten days later. We did that because in the very day of her birthday we need to go to class and she needs to go to job too.

I opened a new cell phone and had a new number yesterday. Every year I change my cell phone number. I know some people they keep their cell phone number in many years, but I don’t know they handle it. Anyway, I don’t have too many friends. For me, it is not too difficult to notify them my new number.


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