Friday, September 07, 2007

I write a lot recently

In my English class, we have to write journals and discuss class questions twice a week. For the two assignments, as long as we write, regardless the length and quality, we can receive full credits. However, so far, I am not the person who wrote the shortest in the class. I knew that because we can see all the works of our classmates’ from the college Blackboard.

There are also some writing assignments from my other classes; for example, I have written a two page essay for the African history class, “the history of Luba”.

I also write email to my friends. I like write email to my friend Antony. Even though I cannot write in good English, I have a feeling that his English is much higher than an average level. Later, Antony told me one thing. One of an English professor in Queens College is planning to use his paper in a book as a student simple. I am glad to hear that because it proves my judgment is correct.

I read my husband’s English blog and correct his grammatical mistakes periodically. I encourage him to write more. Even though if he writes more, I will do more jobs, I have never felt bad about that.

I am turning to more and more enjoy writing although I sharply understand how my English is. I am happy I am improving everyday.
This is indeed one of the joist things in my life.

Last, working on my own blog is an enjoyable thing, too.

See you later, Pink tear!


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