Monday, October 01, 2007

Two history professors

I have two history courses this semester; one is a male, another is a female. I mention it that because I thing gender is a factor that leads the differences that I will discuss below.

The two have totally different styles on teaching.

The male professor gives lectures only in the class. You can ask question, but he never minds if you participate or not. You can just sit over here, leaving your brain lazy. He never offers any handout paper, even in the exams, he writes the questions on the blackboard instead of giving typed paper. The format of his exams is five identifications and two essays, which have never been altered. One of an essay is based on a book he assigns for outside reading, but there is no any further discussion in class. Obviously, it is not easy to win an A from the essay or such format of exams.

In contrast, the female professor does many things in the class. Every class, she comes ten minutes early than the class time. She writes the outlines on the blackboard, which are also available on the Internet. She gives hand out papers and writing assignments. She loves group discuss, assigning the group member to us rather students free make groups with friends. She divides a class time into three or four parts. In the class, nobody can sit here and relax mind. You have to concentrate and actively follow her. For the exam, she gives us review sheet that covers the exam detailedly. As long as you want study, you’ll get it. She cares about students’ reaction, too.

I am not sure which professor is better. But I think the female professor’s class let you feel stress in first, but when you used to her, the class turns to be much easier, and the high grade is achievable. On the other hand, in the male professor’s class, even though I really want to put more effort to push my grade up, but I feel there is little evidence to help us to study.

I understand every teacher has his or her individual way to teach, that obviously will not suit for all the students. I have to follow any difficult people and situation.


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