Thursday, October 04, 2007

Worrying about my first English paper

My English professor said she would post the grade of our first paper on Blackboard yesterday. When I checked in yesterday afternoon, I found the average score of the class but my grade was not here. I started to worry about my grade. I didn’t submit my paper by the regular way because during the due day, the school computer system had problem. I tried many times but failed to post it. I emailed to my professor and asked her if I could directly email my paper to her instead of to post it on Blackboard. She replied and allowed me to doing so. In the next class when I met her, I asked her in person and made sure she had received my paper. But now, there is no grade of mine. I will meet her tomorrow morning. I do not really believe I will receive no grade on this assignment. I didn’t do anything wrong nor ignore my own study. I can explain all of the happening to my professor. I am really concern about my study. But now, I am just annoyed by the trouble. I wish I will be noticed that everything is right tomorrow.

My parents and husband is in Santiao to spend the holiday of Independence Day of China. My husband says staying in the small city Santiao is the best vacation than traveling to any else place. It is a funny thing that I am staying in a foreign country but my husband spends time with my parents in my hometown.

Antony loves to make friends and join groups. He had a group studying last Sunday, but he was disappointed because he met some so stupid people. He complains like that, you will meet a smart people after you meet ten stupid people. I knew that before him. For this reason, even though I like friends, I am not too actively to make friends. I dislike the feeling when you encounter too stupid people. However, I admire Antony’s attitude although I can never as sociable as him.

I am starting to write the second paper of my English class. It is about imagery of a poem. It is a bitter experience to write papers if you language and vocabulary is limited. However, this is a process I can never avoid. The only thing I must do is to write and read more and more. If you taste bitter before, you’ll get sweet later. I believe it.


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