Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cha's Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday. Yesterday night I called my mother because it was already sixth in China. I thought my mother must hope to talk with me in the special day. I asked her when I was born in this day. She said it was at the time after dinner, so we guess that should be around seven or eight o’clock. She said my father should know, but I doubt. My father is careless.

Yesterday night I received a birthday card from my net friend Emi. She can always remember my birthday even though we don’t keep in touch very often. She is so thoughtful and a truth friend who can always warm me up.

I got a text message from my husband five o’clock in the morning; it waked me up. I have a definitely confidence about my husband; thus, I never care about how he shows his love or if he remembers my birthday or not.

It is raining this morning, I am not unhappy about that. I love rain.

I will go to dinner with Candy tonight. I am looking forward to it. I like Candy so much. She is a happy girl and very understanding. If I encounter something unhappy or have any secret, she is the only person I want to speak to.

I have many old friends in China. I miss them during my birthday. I don’t believe they will send emails to me, or I doubt they can remember my birthday. However, I never doubt their love to me and our unchangeable friendship.

Today is a long day for me. I will work from 9 to 12, having two classes and a tutor appointment in the afternoon. I will be free until 7:45, and then I will go to Flushing to meet Candy.

The only thing I feel sorry about my birthday is I may don’t have time to write my diary tonight. It is my most pleasure to stay with pink tear in my life.


At 11:23 AM , Blogger EmiShimosato said...

Sounds like you had a nice birthday! I am happy about it :-D Always wishing your happiness, you are worth of it.


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