Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Taking Sukhu's Course of Tang Poetry Next Semester

I got 76 on the second mid-term exam of my African history course. I feel so bad about that but how can I change the result. I usually do well on essay questions but I am not good at multiple choice questions. Anyway, if I didn’t get a good grade that only means I didn’t study well. I wish I can do well on the rest part of the course.

I don’t like my writing tutor. She is in English major but when I meet her one hour a week and discuss the poems I am going to write about, she offers little help and advise. Every time after I meet her, I feel upset rather than joy and confidence. I understand that the most concern of the people working in the writing centre is they don’t want students depend on them. However, the reason there is a writing center in the college and students come here is to seek help. I wonder why they don’t ask the feedback from students. If they do that, I definitely will post my criticism to them.

English 140W should be the most difficult courses among all the five I taking this semester. For the most poems that we discuss in the class, I am unable to really understand. What I am doing it to go to class every time, sitting and listening. However, the professor gives us little pressure; she asks neither questions nor homework. For the essays of this course, I spend lots of time after class, discussing with tutors and revising them again and again. I just worry about the in-class final exam that weight 30 points of the final grade. I should start to prepare it now.

Thanksgiving is coming. There will be a five days break. Seems as I can take a break but it is not true. Several friends ask me to meet them during the break, which may waste me one or two days. Professors assign many reading and assignment. I think I may even more busy during the holiday than the regular weeks.

Sukhu is teaching Tang poetry next semester, how I can miss it. When I though I might miss it, I just felt painful. When I image the sense discussing Tang poetry with Sukhu, I demand nothing in the world anymore. Thus, I changed my schedule. I am taking six courses rather than five as I planed before. Since I am not taking writing intensive course and the Chinese poetry course should not cost me much time, I think I will be safe. I don’t know what my future is, but the only thing I know it is that I enjoy the present, enjoy the wonderful experience about knowledge. I will study with Sukhu as long as I can regardless what grades I will be received. It is so rare to get an excellent teacher as him.


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