Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow slowly and softly dropping outside my window in a early winter day

This year, the first snow came earlier in New York than usual. I remember that day was a Sunday around the end of November. I wake up around 9 o’clock. When I opened the curtain in my bed room, I saw the playground became white though I could fight out the snow on yesterday night was not big. I went on to sleep again and waked up again at noon. I was lying in the bed and watch at outside. This time, I saw snow was slowly and softly dropping outside my window. How lovely picture it was! I want to call somebody to share my joy. However, that time was too late to call my husband and any of my friends in China. I was disappointed a little bit. Also, it is silly to call a not very close friend for saying a feel towards snow. Thus, I did nothing that day. At night, I received a message from an old friend; the text was just “Woo, Snow”. His reaction was too late, but it is funny that he had such a silly idea as mine.


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