Friday, March 21, 2008

My essay

To my surprise, I received a check from a Chinese newspaper, the World Journal, lately. It notified to me that the money is paying for one of my essays published on their newspaper. Yes, I remember I have sent an essay about a summer trip to the newspaper a couple months ago. By doing that, I only wanted to try but did not really expect that they would like it. Nevertheless, I am still so excited by the response because that is the first time that my essay is published in the public. Although I totally understand it is something that is only valuable to myself but almost meaningless to anybody else, I still told my husband, my parents, and my best friends immediately. The reason is that I know they will be happy about that rather than be jealous to me. It is a wonderful thing that there is somebody in you life that they are happy because you are happy and are sad because you are sad.

At the first, my husband though my essay was in English. I am so mad at his ridiculous idea. Does not he know my English level? Does he think before saying anything? How can he assume that I can publish an essay on an English newspaper? I told him my paper was on a Chinese newspaper that is called the World Journal. Then he answered, β€œIt is even better. Literally, World Journal should be wider influence than New York Times.”

Also, when I told my husband that I earned 14 dollars from the essay, he replied, β€œI guess you are going to spend 140 dollars for celebration.” I like this idea, but I won't do that.


At 7:01 PM , Blogger Emi_Shimosato said...

Hi Tea!
I am very sorry, but I also thought your essay was written in English until I read the story with your husband! But being paid by the newspaper company even it is Chinese, is very great! I am proud of you.


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