Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finished three three-page papers within five days

The fifth day of my Spring Recess is almost over. I have finished three papers with total ten pages. They are the last two anthropology papers and the extra paper for the art history class. I did not plan to write the extra one. However, since I went Rubin Museum of Art this Monday by change and was impaired by the art of the Himalaya regions, I decided to write a museum report of it. I have met a free tour in the museum, so I picked two items the guide explained to be the main material of my paper. I did not feel this kind of writing is tough task; in fact, I rather enjoy doing it.

I’ll have a two-day trip to Boston tomorrow with Yujun. She is arranging the trip and booked bus tickets and hotel already. We will departure from the Grand Centre in New York and arrive Boston around noon in the tomorrow and leave here at 5 pm in the day after tomorrow.
This is my first time self-travel in U.S. I have traveled with travel agencies twice; that experience is not bad although far from wonderful.

This time, Yujun and I have collected many information of the city. I think we will mostly stay in the downtown, visiting museums and parks for we do not have much time. I also wish we can have good foods here. I always love good foods.

Yujun is a new friend of mine. She is neither my classmate nor coworker, but I knew her from my other friend. While that friend faded out from our lives, Yujun and I become closer. We have hung out several times this year, and there is absolute no any negative feeling between us. I am happy I have a friend as her. Only twenty-four years old, she is going to gain her master degree soon. Her personality is a little bit quiet but rather talent and thoughtful. I appreciate her inviting me to be her partner to travel this time. Also because she is my partner, I have full confidence that this trip will be successful.

When we come back, there are only two days leaving of the Spring Recess. I doubt I would have time to write a good journal for this spring trip.


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