Friday, April 04, 2008

My museum report

I got 94 on the midterm exam of Art History 277, Buddhist Art. I am happy about this grade. The next thing I have to do is to write a good museum report in order to earn 35% of the final grade in this course. I spent an afternoon to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and took note as my professor suggested. However, I have to say my notes are rather poor and random since I don’t know how to judge real valuable information for my use from such a huge museum. Base on my note I finished my first draft and discussed it with my tutor. Since this is my first time to write a museum report, what I am doing is listing many images I saw in the museum base on the historical order. However, my tutor told me, because it is a relatively short paper, four pages, it is better that I focus on two images, contrasting and comparing them. She said that I should give exhausted description and analysis on the two. Although I really think she is right, do I have enough time to do what she said now that means to write a new paper but not revise my current paper. I talked this issue with my husband, he suggested me keeping my original idea. My husband always has full confidence to me. He said I designed my paper for my reasons that should make sense too. I agree with him and decide to revise my paper only.


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