Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I didn't do well on the 1st anthr exam

I didn’t do well on the first exam in my biological anthropology course this Monday. I feel so bad. I have been studying so hard, but I still cannot achieve a good standard in the college study. I suppose that professor Stinson will be disappointed by my bad grade also. She has spent extra hours to help me individually. In tomorrow class, she may return the exam to us. I am just afraid to go to the class.

I took the mid-term exam of the American history class today. I believe I did better in this exam than the anthropology one. Life has to go on. I have the third exam this Thursday. I have to encourage myself in order to deal with my future as good as possible.

I went swimming in the afternoon after the exam to cool down myself. There were a few people swimming. Probably it is not convenient to swim in the middle of a day. I have been the swimming poor during the evening hours; there are more people. When I returned home at 2 o’clock, I took a shower and washed my swimming suit and towel. After that, I made a plenty amount of fried noodle for lunch. I mixed shrimps, mushrooms, eggs, green peppers, onions, and other several vegetables into my noodle, which made the noodle so delicious. I have cooked the same style of noodle for my friend Yujun. She likes to eat it too.


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