Monday, January 05, 2009

Bought a coat for my mother

I got an A on the course of American history. It is a good grade although I had expected an A+ on it after I took the final exam and did the extra paper. Because of it, my good feeling on the rest of my courses is fading. In the pass semesters, I always got one or more A+ every semester. It is pity that the record will be broken this time.

I am preparing the courses of next semester today. I have had an Anthropology course about South Asian people a year ago. Yesterday, I delightedly found a book that left from that course which is exactly what I need for the South Asian history I am going to study next semester. Thus, I will save more than thirty dollars. My husband is especially happy about this news.

I planed to work a month during the winter break; however, one third time passed and I am still idle. I tend to believe that there is little chance that I can find a job in this winter. Everybody is talking about the difficult economy. A lot of my friends and relatives from China also ask how about the economy in the US. Now, I may tell them I indeed experienced the difficulty of the economy personally.

I went Woodbury with Ting last Friday. We pay thirty-five dollars per person for the transportation fee. This transportation cost becomes a motivation to stimulate everyone to buy more in order to minimize the extra cost. I bought everything I planed to buy. Particularly, I bought a Benetton coat for my mother. Ting likes the clothes of this company very much, and I have been influenced by her.

My mother had mentioned her plan to buy a coat this winter when we talked on phone. Because even a normal coat will cost more 2000 RMB in China, I believe that even though combining the cost of the coat itself and the shipping fee, buying a coat in the US is still a better deal. I didn’t tell her my plan before I did it for the concern that she might refuse to take it. But I called her after I shipped it.


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