Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First time got the highest score in a class

I got 85 out of 90 on the second exam of Anthr 260. Especially, it is the highest score in my class. I am overjoyed by the result. I am often so quiet in the class for two reasons. One, class discuss is not required nor reflects on the final grade; in other words, I don’t have to force myself talking in class. Second, I still don’t have full confidence on my English speaking. I avoid talking in front of a lot of people.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I will go to shopping with Yujun in Queens Center mall. After shopping, we will cook a big Thanksgiving dinner in my home. there are only three chairs in my small kitchen plus dining room; so the maximum people my home can contain is three. However, I have plenty of dishes and we are planning to cook shrimps, beef, chicken, vegetable, and buy a fruit cake as after meal dessert. Even though thinking about that, I feel happy immediately. The only thing I am worrying is how we three people can eat all of the food.

During the big holiday I am missing my friends whom we cannot celebrate together. Emi told me she was going to find a part-time job in her last email. I don’t know how the things going on around her. I really wish a wonderful thanksgiving to her. She is not only so thoughtful and kind, but also very talent and has a good taste of art. She deserves to have happiness.


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