Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This time, we reached Willow Lake

This Sunday, we had the second try to explore Willow Lake in our neighborhood. Carefully conducting the map, we successfully reached the lake after half hour walking. We spent one and half hours walking along the path around the lake. Seem as there was thin ice on the surface of the lake. I wanted to throw a stone into the lake to test how thick the ice was, but there were even no stones on the bank of the lake. That day was so cold; I believed it was below 30 F. we didn’t get warm even though we continuously walked a couple hours. At the end of our march, the only thing I wanted was to drink a hot milk tea at home.

Yesterday I took the second exam of Anthr 260. I didn’t do very well and was bothered by this class. It is unreasonable that I couldn’t do well on it. Professor Stinson of this class is extremely nice and excellent. The material was not too heavy. Moreover, since last week I was not too busy, I indeed put much time to study on it. I just don’t understand why the result is not what I have expected. Didn’t I still study hard enough? I have to think about that, and then I can better deal with the last exam of this class.

The most part of EnSci 111 is done. I estimated my expected score around 88-90. Under such a situation, doing the extra credit paper becomes very important to me. If I receive the extra credits, my grade may rise to A; if I don’t do that, my grade may drop to B+. There is a big difference between A and B+, and there is an opportunity that I can do something to improve it.

The assignment of the extra credits is to visit an exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History. Our professor told us the admission was free, but when I came here two weeks ago, I found an 18-dollar admission was required. I didn’t want to pay that because the professor said that would be free. I paid one dollar to visit the museum and then went back home. For gaining the extra credit, students not only have to write a paper, but must attach the receipt with the paper to prove your visit. I have been hesitating that I might attach the general museum with my paper since the day I visited the museum. How to write the paper is no a problem that I can write it based on the information from the museum website. I assumed that they may not check very carefully. However, I really do know if it is a good that would benefit me, or a completely foolish idea that would hurt my grade.

I rarely cheat in my life. The reason is not because I am an honest person, but merely because I am indeed a coward. I finally made my decision yesterday that I would go to the museum again and visit the exhibition. I will attach a real ticket on my paper to gain the extra credits. Before that, I went the department this noon to see if there was any solution for this problem. To my surprise, the professor told me that if students visited the exhibition and handed in their tickets, the department would pay money back to us. Woo, I have never expected that. Thus, all my concerns are gone. I will go to the museum again during Thanksgiving, enjoying the life.


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