Sunday, November 16, 2008

We have not reached Willow Lake

I was busy a few weeks ago during the mid-term season, but after that, my schedule becomes less intensive. This weekend, I only have to prepare for the second exam of anthropology that will take place two week late.

For Environment Science 111, the last professor is not kind and smart. Perhaps she is intelligent because she is young but has received a doctor degree. However, I judge she is not smart because she is either not nice to her students or lack the experience to deal with people.

In the beginning of her first class, she said that she encouraged students who sat in the back moved to the front seats. Some students did, but some remained on their seats. The professor went on to say that she would not start unless all seats in the front were full. The situation turned to be discord. Unexpectedly, she even ran to the back to force students to move. I though what she did made no sense. Even though her suggestion was originally acceptable, but if other did not like it, why she thought she had the authority to force the students to do anything that they did not want.

I assume that her exam would be difficult because of the difficulty of the professor herself. How can I expect anything nice from her? She gave us a pop-quiz on the most unexpected time. Other professors give pop-quizzes too, but many of them give them on a reasonable time. Fortunately, I have finished four exams with good grades and don’t have to take the last one. The final grade is count four out of five exams. I may go to the class to listen to the lectures, but I really don’t need to spend six extra hours for each class as she suggested. It is just cool that I can go to class, watch her, but pay no attention to her.

Thus, in the rest of the semester, I only need to study for two classes, American history and biological anthropology. I do well on the two classes so far. I wish I can have good final grades. For the Chinese class, leaving several hours before final exam is enough to get an A.

Studying can be a bitter experience despite my affection on it. When I study at home, sometimes I just expect the time for cook. Cook is much more relax and enjoyable than study. I rarely practice calligraphy recently. I wish I can have regular time to practice it after I graduate and get a real job.

Brian and I planed to walk to the Willow Lake today, a small lake nearby my home. I checked googlemap to get the direction. I didn’t print out the map because I believed that it was easy to reach it. However, after walking several blocks, we got lost. We gave up our plan, but just wondering randomly hours and then went back home.


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