Saturday, November 22, 2008

Met Barry on Wednesday

This Wednesday Brian and I went to Flushing to meet our tutor Barry. Brian said he wanted to treat Barry a cup of coffee in Starbucks rather than in a Chinese bakery. To my understanding, Chinese often choose to treat a friend in an expensive place instead of a cheap one to show respect. However, when I told this to Barry, Barry interpreted it in another way. He said it was understandable that a new coming person who prefers An American style place than a Chinese one.

We had a really wonderful time together. Barry is such a nice and understanding person. Whatever problems I have had in my live, I like to ask advice from him; seem as conduct my father or an old uncle. My feeling towards him is so nature and so close, despite I don’t see him frequently. I am glad that Barry is my friend. Sometimes I feel good to leave my hometown and live in a foreign country merely because that I have had a bigger opportunity to meet those wonderful people.

I become more and more enjoy English writing. Except sometimes I am short of time to do that, there is no any negative about it. I told Barry that I have published an article on a Chinese newspaper in the beginning of this year. He was interested about that and asked me sending it to him. He said he would ask his Chinese students to explain my article to him. I wish his students have enough English ability to do that. Later, I think I can translate the article in English for practice, and also it is fun. If I really do that, I will show it off to Barry.

I give up the study of the fifth section of the EnSci 111, and this morning I even did not go to the class. I really dislike the Chinese professor. In some aspects, she is in common with my cousin. They both are ambitious, brilliant, and very capable, but they both are unfriendly, don’t want to tolerate and understand others. I wonder how their personalities have been developed due to their similar background.


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