Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a plenty of time to meet friends!

Although I was dissatisfied by the A- on Anthr 260, I am surprised and overjoyed by being given an A+ on EnSic 111. In the previous time, I always get one or more A+ each semester, but until the time I found the grade of EnSic 111, I had already completely lost hope to keep this record. I think the professors of EnSic 111 must curve our grade because based points I counted by myself, even plus my extra paper, my grade would be between A and A-. Another reason also makes me believe the curve. Although I did not contact with too many people in this class, I knew many of them didn’t do well on exams. For three of the five exams, the average score is barely above 60. The biggest portion is the scores between 50 to 60.

I received an A on Sukhu’s class again. Always A, no A+. I don’t want to complain and understand that the every professor has his or her own standard of A and A+. In Sukhu’s class, we are students and we are imperfect, but A+ probably means perfection to him.

This morning, it was heavy rain, but I had to get up early to do jury duty in a Queen court on Queens Boulevard. We waited in the lobby more than two hours. while a representative talked with me, I told her I wondered I might not have enough English. She let me go and said I would be called three years late.

This afternoon, Brian and I went to the Flushing library to meet Barry. We had tea in a Chinese bakery. Barry insisted to pay for us and we accepted. He introduced an Indian movie to us called “Slumdog Millionaire”. Because it is a new revealed movie, we cannot for it for the Internet. If we want to watch it free, we have to wait a while. Barry asked me to tell him my response of this movie. I promised that I would write an article about it. I asked Brian to write something as response too.

Enzo told me there would be an even this Saturday in the Flushing library. The topic is about cultural behavior around the world. This topic sounds very interesting. Thus, I told him I’d like to go with him to join the even. Enzo also said he would host a party named fireside socials at his home soon. My friends, Emma, Yujun, and Antony, all will come. I am looking forward to the party.

Lately, I have hanged out with my American friends more often than before. Brian and I take advantage of the opportunity to improve our English. When I share emails with them, I can always learn new words and usages from them. Unlike some young people, Enzo’s English in his email is careful and beautiful. There is a sample in below.

Hi Cha (Re: my Queens College experience)
I enjoyed our recent gatherings very much (i.e.: Emma’s place, lunches at restaurants, etc) and thought I should contribute something to our friendship circle: fireside socials to promote enjoyment of friendship, diversity of food and culture, and an enhanced knowledge of humanity that our unique group of people can offer each other.
The Role of Fire
Fireplaces and barbeque fires have practical uses and especially a certain magic that can help people feel a unique type of comfort, camaraderie, and reassurance. The role of fire and food have always had important roles in the development of humanity; and if combined with a progressive group of people with a desire for knowledge and mutual understanding; could enhance the quality of life so much that I feel compelled to invite you all to share this joy.
I would like to host some frequent fireside socials to expand the cultural/ social awareness and happiness that we have shared.
Sincerely in friendship;


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