Saturday, January 31, 2009

Barry's Chinese New Year party

Today is the day that Barry held his famous Chinese New party at his home this year. I asked Brian taking a day off in order to join it, but Brian didn’t think that reason was not big enough to make he stop working. It is pity that he couldn’t attend this party because that was a really wonderful party.

Barry is an absolutely special person. It is make sense that his wife Renoka is nice too. Consequently, all his friends, the people who came today were nice and friendly. We smiled to each other, patiently listened to each other. There were a lot of foods, most of them were home-made. They were all delicious. I shared the cook experience with the women. In fact, I learned how to make red been rice cake today. I’ll try to do it by myself tomorrow.

One old lady in this party practices calligraphy. She showed us the samples of her calligraphy. I wanted to be her friend for studying with her. However, she is too old to communicate with me normally. Also, I concerned that I probably didn’t have time to meet her. Thus, I gave up the plan.

I am a calligrapher too; at least, I don’t think my calligraphy is worse than this old lady’s. However, because her age, all people admitted her excellent but nobody appreciated mine. I was a little bit depressed. But it is ok, I understood.

I get busy and worry about my courses even in the beginning of the semester. I am studying now. See you later Pink Tear.


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