Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Urban Study

I have been thinking enrolling the graduate program or not since last year. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides.

My true passion on academic study is Asian Study. However, in the lower tuition CUNY colleges, there is not graduate program in Asian Study. Obviously, it is unaffordable for me to go to NYC or Columbia University in New York City. Thus, if I go to a CUNY college, for example, Queens College, the program must not the most interesting one for me. The second option is Anthropology, which is my favorite subject too. However, Anthropology always deals with too much difficult vocabulary than I doubt I can overcome it. Last semester, I just could not open my mouth in the class. The only exception was when we discussed a Chinese site, Zhoukoudian, our professor asked me the proper pronunciation.

Right now, I am interested in Urban Study because I believe it will help me to apply a civil job in the future. Also, in my opinion, Urban Study maybe easier than Anthropology due to its common use. An event in last year also added me confidence to study this subject; I met a Chinese girl who got her MA in Urban Study but I found her England was really limited. If she could make it, I would.

Also, if I decide to go to graduate school, I can apply financial aid that provides me the benefit of tuition waive and job opportunity. The amount of money will be enough to my daily expense.
Last, if I go on college study, my English must improve more than I self-study at home. The situation that I am studying at home this winter is a good example to prove the so-call self-study is extremely inefficient.

On the other hand, if I end my college career after I gain my BA this spring, there are some advantages too.

First, I will no longer suffer from the difficult experience of former study. I love study but I have never denied it is a severe task. Without worrying about school assignments and tests, I can read and write anything for enjoyment only. I can have more hours to practice calligraphy. As a result, my dream of being a calligrapher will be closer.

Second, I can go to find a full time job and contribute more to my family finance. My father mentioned several times that he expected the improvement of our financial situation and then he could get support from us.

I asked adverse from my husband this evening. He urged me going on study. Oh, I still have a few days to make the final decision.


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