Monday, May 11, 2009

Awards from QC History Department

I have only one final exam this semester, South Asia history, and I finished it today. It is not difficult at all, five identifications. I expect an A or A- on this course. There are still four papers that I have to do in order to finish all courses; one is two page (for extra credit), two are four page, and another is eight paper. I am looking forward to the summer vacation although I am indeed enjoying the tense studying, which keep me from a boring live.

I got two awards from my department last Friday. They are called “World History Prize” and “Department Honor”, respectably. Barry had told me he would come and he really did. He took it seriously. He had a business in Manhattan in that morning. After that, he rushed to Queens to join my ceremony. He also prepared a present for me. He knew I like calligraphy, so he asked his one of his Chinese students to select a calligraphy book for me. They ran to all bookstores in Flushing but they were disappointed. Thus, Barry went to Manhattan Chinatown and finally found a good calligraphy book for me. I am so touched by his action. He is a really really nice Jewish.

After the ceremony, we went to Kissena Park to have a walk. The weather was so nice. Tree leaves were in fresh green. We walked around the lake and then stayed down aside to watch some old men playing a ball game. Barry have told me the name of the game, sorry I could not remember it now. Some of those men spoke Italian. Barry was enjoying listening to his mother language.

Barry and his wife are going to have a one month trip to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand. He said after he comes back, he may take a Chinese class in the school where I am teaching in July. I wish them having a wonderful trip and wish to see Barry again soon.


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