Friday, May 22, 2009

The last day of my life as an undergraduate student

This noon, I handed in my final paper of history 392W to the professor’s mail box in the department office. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I emailed two final essays to the professor of Anthropology 201. So, at this moment, I am done. It is a big turning point of my academic life.

Because of the decreasing budget, the school writing center ended its torturing service a week before the last day of the semester. The assignments of my final papers were handed out at the day the center close. Thus, I had to find assistances from my friends on my papers. I asked Barry to correct my anthropology papers. I really did not want to spend him too much time, so I told him to correct the big grammatical errors only. However, Barry took this task seriously. He read my papers very carefully, not only correcting my grammatical errors, but showing better expressions to me. Moreover, he discussed the main ideas and supporting details to me too. I went to see him at 5 o’clock in the Tuesday afternoon, and expected to finish the papers within one hour. However, on Tuesday, we talked about my paper until 7 o’clock but we had done only the first one. Barry asked me coming on the next day. He took my second paper home and read and prepared for the next day discuss. On Wednesday, we met 4 o’clock. When we were done, the time was 7 o’clock again. I felt so sorry about this, but Barry said he enjoyed the discussion of my papers. I believed his words because there cultural topics were indeed interesting.

I bought a box a strawberry and a bag of cherry to Barry on the Wednesday. At first, he refused to take. Those old ladies who study English with Barry told him that was my expression of gratitude. Then, he accepted and said, “Ok, I like strawberry, and my wife likes cherry.” I am glad to hear that. Barry and his wife are going to vacation next week. The students in the ESL center and me all are could not wait to see him again.

I asked my ex-coworker Jennifer to help me on my history paper. I didn’t want to ask one person to do too much job; instead, I asked two people. Jennifer has a BA in English major, and she is such a sweet girl. I thought she should do a quicker job than Barry, but she still spent three hours to check the seven page paper. She helped me on sentence by sentence, word to word. After she checked my paper, I had confidence to hand in my paper. I am so glad that I have so many wonderful people in my life. I wanted to treat Jennifer a dinner after she spent time on my paper, but her mother called her and insisted her eating at home. So, I promised her I would make some Sushi for her when she works in school next Friday.

I do not have anymore work to do at least today or tonight. I can do anything I want now. I am happy that I successfully finish my college career. Even though tomorrow is unsure, I don’t worry too much at this moment. As the college, my friends and family members had done, I also recognize my hard work and ambitions. Congratulations, Pink tear!


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