Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My office

This week, my superior moved from the Student Union building to a set of new office rooms in the library building in QCC campus. By following her, I am given an individual office room, a desk, a computer and all the other necessary office supplies. It is unexpected, but of course I am very happy about that. When I told my friends that I have my own office in a college, they were amazed too. I wish I can take a picture in my office, and then send it to my father.I believe he must be happier and more proud than hearing I working as a cashier in a Chinese supermarket.

My superior is a pregnant middle age woman who is very nice to me. My English is very easy to be sensed even in the first contact, but she has never appeared any negative opinion on me. When I mentioned it, she replied like this, “but I know you understand everything. You have an accent, I have accent too.” In fact, she is a native English speaker; her accent is out of the question. By contrast, my English problem is certainly not only about accent, but much seriously. She said in such a polite way to make me happy. For this reason, I believe she is a very understanding and nice person. I feel I am really lucky to have her being my superior. However, I am nervous that how long her favor would last if my language capacity is lame to deal with the daily work. To perform an office job, doesn’t require one answering phone in a proper language, taking notes in correctly spellings? I suspect I can do these things efficiently. Doesn’t she suspect it too? I know I shouldn’t worry too much, but always try my best and without thinking of the result. At least, there is a good start.

A few hours later...

To study the course of Gandhi, I did a search of Yoga. Karma Yoga is one of the most important yoga paths to realize the ultimate truth. It means selfless action. Doing one’s duty without concern of results; action done without thought of gain. Yes, philosophy is indeed not a distant empty concept, but is tightly related with our everyday life.


At 7:08 PM , Blogger Kyoko (EmiShimosato) said...

My face is like this now!!

Congratulations!! You are my super girl!!


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