Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sudent Activities Center

My new job is working in Student Activities Center in QCC. This center takes the main function to provide students a place for relax and fun. There are TVs, computers, pool, sofa, game rooms, and eating area. My job here is simple and easy. What I have done in the previous days was to watch students signing in and answer their questions about this center. Because it is not a study area, the atmosphere here is pretty relaxed. This feature is really different from the Media Center I have worked in QC.

I meet a lot of new people here, and I am trying to memorize all my co-workers’ names. It is hard to me, but I believe it is a good way to train myself to memorize new English words. Most of my co-workers, including my superior, are very nice to me. There is one who is not friendly. However, I am not a young person anymore; I have developed my way to deal with the difficulties in life. I just ignore her, and I am never annoyed by her and her gesture.

I can read my books during my work hours that is very good. If I am tired to study, I can watch TV, or talk with people. Also, in this center, I am the only Chinese speaker employee. Seem as my co-workers are all native English speakers. In addition, there are very a few Chinese students coming. Compare to other ethnic groups, Chinese take a more serious attitude to study and hold a more ambitious goal in the future. Chinese students usually go to the library rather than clubs. Staying here, I feel I finally involve into an English language environment since I have been this country many years.

Recently, I feel my English is ok to deal with daily activities, but it is certainly not good enough for formal class discuss. I wish I can gradually get improving. It is really an urgent issue because of the requirements of my current involving graduate program. However, I have to be realist, and to accept the fact that I can only get progress slowly. I don’t know others, but in my life, there is never miracle happened.


At 10:11 AM , Blogger Kyoko (EmiShimosato) said...

Thank you for the update! Sounds like the atmosphere in your new job is comfortable. I am happy about it! Unfortunately, there is one or two mean person in any group... but it is a way of learning of life, I think. We just learn from the person how we make ourselves to be a nice person.

I am also glad to know that all of the co-workers are native English speakers! It is very good environment for you as you mentioned. As for me, all of people who come to my quilting group are white ladies who are English native speakers, my English speaking skill is.... stuck...

Very exciting to hear your stories as I believe your dream are coming true!!


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