Monday, October 12, 2009

Chinese grammar

Tutoring Barry in Chinese is fun. I have regularly met Barry once a week for tutoring him in Chinese since this August. Barry told me that every time before meeting me, he studied Chinese by himself at home, and then when we meet, he is pleased that he could show off in front of me. During our tutoring session, I help him to practice conversions based on his textbook. We also discuss some grammatical questions. I like to do that because that makes me contemplating the profound grammatical considerations in my native language. Obviously, I can answer some of those questions, but not all. I wish but don’t know where I can find out a Chinese linguist who may explain those puzzling points for Barry and me.

Also, by explaining the definitions of new vocabularies, I improve my English. For example, if Barry encounters a new word, I know it meaning but could not explicitly explain it. I look at the dictionary, showing it to him, and at the same time, I gain new knowledge.

Each session Barry leaves some time to speak English with me. He asks my life, my study, and seem as he is interested to listen everything happened in my life. I touched by his concerns; he is like as kind old uncle.


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