Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just have a life following by your own nature

I have another blog only for myself. I believe that put my journal into the vast net is a wisdom action becuase nobody can discover it and knowing it is from me unless I speak out. I understand that even if somebody read it, he or she shouldn't the right person whom I am expecting. Nobody will pay attention about that and Only I am laughing and crying for myself.
I also finished the ACT test yesterday. Because this is I first time wrote over two large pages, I think that I may have a big change to pass it. I will have a result at this Friday. I wish I have a good luck. I have few friends, so I always talk to myself, send gifts to myself, and encourage myself. I always feel lonely, and I believe that the reason is I love the cool and lonely feeling so I constantly refuse to escape. In fact, I am lying if I say I have few friends becuase I indeed have a few friends. However, even the best friend of mine can understand 10% of my mind. I want little of the material life but ask too much of the spirit. I don't think I need too much money becuase I really don't how to spend it. I have never met a frient agree with me in this point. They all consider that the reason why I hold such foolish idea becuase I don't understan how tough the life is. I never met a friend who is crazy about poetry as well as me, either. What is the meaning of life? I have a new idea. Just have a life following by your own nature. I have to go to study. I don't have any time can waste even though I enjoy staying with you so much.


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