Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Passed the ACT writing text

I have passed the ACT writhing text, fianly. I totally took four times, and was bothered by it so much. I just want to thanks my tutor, she spent two times of our tutoring hours to talk with me about the text. She gave me asignment that I have writen five essays before the formal test, and she went through with me about my essays. Before she told me that the grammar wasn't the most important part but I had to pay full attention on the organtion, I misunderstood and believed the grammer was everything. I had the wrong idea because I constantly worried about my grammar but believed my thought was no problem. I may never see the tutor again, but I really try to thank so many kinds of people as her in my life.
My husband is funny; he had a perfect confidence in me. When I told him I passed the writing test, it is not easy anyway, he said , ho, I certainly knew you would pass. It's absolute no question. After very hard studing, I got an A. When I told him the exciting news, he said peacefully, I knew you would get an A. That sounds the A was a piece of cake for me, but it is certainly not.
I have only one history exam in tomorrow night. I am preparing it the three days. I worry that I cannot write down all my prepared answer within two hours. So, I realized that not only do I need know how to write more, but also wirte only necessary parts as well. As soon as exams are over, there are a strange kind of feeling emerges. Becuase you spend too much time and energy to do one thing, when it is done, you will lose your guide and don't know what need to do next suddenly.


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