Thursday, August 31, 2006

After the history class

When I was in my first history class, knowing one of a assignment was a 6 pages essay, I felt that it was impossible of me. After one year, when I found that my current history professor doesn't requer a out class essay, it's really unexpected from my image. I feel easy about that anyway. Tomorrow I will meet my English teacher. I will she is as nice as the other students said. I never hate writing, in the contrast, I am looking forward somebody coming to help me to improve my writing. This evening I went out eating with Jenny in a expensive Kroean restaurant. She has a passion of such luxury life, but my opinion of life is different from her in some degree. I don't have a big saving and don't have a plan to spend too much time to work. My goal is finish my academical career as soon as possible. I plan to take winner and summer coures in the following year. I may need spending more five hundred dollars for one coure. I intend to pay the cost.


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