Thursday, August 24, 2006


Jenny is a girl whom I met in a supermartet when I worked at there last year. She is just different from anyone. I often feel sad and asham for the low level job. Most people look down our cashiers. Them believe that all the cashiers are poor educated illegal immigrants. When there is an argument occurs between a customer and a cashier, the customer ofter turns to speak in English even though he or she commonly speaks Chinese in the Chinese supermarket and clearly knows the cashier probable cannot speak English. For this reason, they believe that these cashiers cannot protect themselves good; in addition, they insult them in some ways. I am not a cold person indeed, but my personality turn colder and colder while I kept staying in those ruthless environment. I started to treat all the customers unkind, pushed their goods careless. I didn't talk with them anymore. Staying the particular role, I cannot distinguish between kind people nad unkind one. This was a very sad memory in my life. However, my friend Jenny, she is keepping an attitude as a princess while she works in the supermarket. I wonder how she could does. I can't say that she is not a sensitive perpson. She has a good taste of clothes, food, and live. I rarely hear she talks the situation of her job and never hear any complain from her. She spends money for a good live. I admire her. I have to say that she is luxurious somehow. However, since most people around me are so frugal, from them, I only have the gloomy reflection of life, I rather live is a little bit luxurious as Jenny's. We go to restaurant occasionally. When I sit in a full decorative place, around by soft music and lights, and notice all the people speaking in a low voice, I first time have an unusual feeling in the foreign country. This is, others respect me and I become respect myself also.


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