Sunday, August 27, 2006

A raining day

Today is another day that it's raining non-stop. I enjoy it because that makes me feel that I am warmly hugged by the nature.
I sold the third book from ebuy in the resent couple of days. I didn't earn much money from them, but I got some money back indeed. Seven dollars or ten dollars are so easy to neglect or waste in our live, but we just save or earn money from such small points. That why I feel happy even I just sell a little book.
This was something unhappy happened between my aunt and I. I have lived with her since I came US. She is a really kind person but I certainly have different ideas of life from her. Today her brought some hardwork, string pearl necklace, came back home and worked on it immediately. I was told by my consin that she worked on it yesterday until 3am. I told her, "In your age, it's not need to think about how to earn money but how to spend it. Anyway, this kind job obviously must bring a big damage on your eyes while you are no long in a very young age." She kept in silence when I was talking. I knew that was her typical attitude to resist. I understand I can never criticize other people's lives. However, I live with my aunt, eating foods together every evening. I care about her live and wish she has a heathy live. She give too much emphasis of money in her life, but never leave time to think about how to enjoy life. I know it's useless that trying to change the opinions of somebody, but I really don't think she is right.


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