Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sold Books!

Yesterday I asked you consin help me to sell some of my textbooks. He refused, and said:" I know you have a count. Why don't you sell by yourself?" I do have a count on ebuy since last year. However, I didn't sell one book within more than half year. Those books were suspended resently. I have no confidence to sell book any more on net as a new one. I belive my consin is easier to sell books than me since his more feedback.
Losing hope to get help, I have to do everything by myself. To my surprise, yesterday morning, after I listed several books on net a few minutes, I received a email which notified me that one of my bood was sold. Although that book only sold as $8, I felt so happy about that becuase it was a wonderful beginning of my own business on net. Today, I sold the second book which price was $65. Even though the ebuy will charge a fee, I sitll can have arount $60 that much better than keep a large, heavy, and never read again book in my small cell.


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