Saturday, August 19, 2006

Come back New York

I have come back New York three days ago. While the over two month vacation, I almost forgot all my English although I indeed had a great time in my hometown. I worry about how to face the new coming semester. English 110 is absolutely not be easy for me. Forthermore, two history courses and a geograhpy course must occupy much time of mine. Woo, a crazy time is approaching. I received five As in the last semester which give me big stress. Can I keep the good greads? How do I face the fact if I get a C on English 110? I am certainly not lazy, but how about if I don't have enought time to do those work. I don't know how to do any early jobs for those tough classes. If I do, I will have a more effective result. I don't touch with my friends yet. I still very miss my husband and the warm family air. we will separate one and half year this time. How could I stand it?


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