Monday, January 15, 2007

About studying in the winter

Because I have registered four heavy reading courses for next semester, I made a plan to read some relational books in the beginning of this winter. According to my plan, during the one month break, every day I have to read a hundred pages, studying ten sections of grammar books, working on my English and Chinese blogs.

Every two or three days going to the town is necessary to meet friends or buy some daily items. I spend time to call my Chinese friends as well; basically, the international phone call should not be ended within a couple minutes. My father told me he put telephone next to his pillow at Saturday night in case I call him in the Sunday morning. Since I know this situation, I feel it’s a duty to call him on Sunday morning in order to please him.

My father is an outgoing person, unlike my mother, she never saying miss me although I know how she does, if he wish I called him he would speak out. My father enjoys dealing with people. More people surrounding him more happiness he received. He often invites friends coming home for dinner but leaving all the cooking and cleaning jobs to my mother. Despite making troubles sometimes, my father has a much attractive personality than most of us normal people.

I practice calligraphy and make seals one or two times a week. During a formal semester, I just don’t have time to do that to my heart’s content. I read several Chinese novels in the beginning of the winter but do no more about that. There are few interesting Chinese novels in the Flushing library; most of them are old and without free thoughts. I am interested in many traditional projects and thoughts; for this reason, I have been seeing as an old-fashion person. I am indeed such a person and couldn’t deny it. However, I rather absorb new ideas and take critical thinking than accept anything only because everybody agrees with it.

Given such heavy task, I feel busy everyday during the winter as if I was not in a break. I try to slow down but I wonder which job that could be cut off. Every book and job are necessary for a good preparation of the coming semester. Let me think about it carefully then make a decision.


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