Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Watching moives in the Media Center

Yesterday I went the college library and tried to find a book, “Heath Anthology of American Literature.” Before I left home, I checked online for the call number and made sure it was on shelf. But I couldn’t find it when I checked at the certain place on the shelf. I asked a librarian for help. He patiently went the place to do a double check, but he couldn’t find it either. He sent me to another librarian who was in charge of reshelf books. She made another check but still couldn’t figure out what happened about this book. She suggested me going around the library and tried if I was luck that I might find it in some place. I didn’t think it a good idea because it might waste my half hour for nothing. I gave up and decided to go back to check two or three days later. At that time, they may reshelf it.

In the afternoon, I have watched a movie in the Media Center. It’s an old white-and-black movie. The name is “A Wonderful Life” I have searched many hot movies from Internet and plan to watch some of them during this winter. I don’t have a big interesting in movie, but I’d like to cultivate myself. It’s a major American culture. I wish I can enjoy it even more while I watch more movies. In addition, watching movie is a good way to practice the listening skill of English. I love any chance to improve my English.


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