Saturday, January 06, 2007

Meeting friends

My computer cannot connect to Internet several days. Although I don’t have any very important things need to do on it, I feel very inconvenient about that. Perhaps, most my contemporaries and I used to Internet and depend it mentally.

Consequently, I cannot work on my blogs. A few friends read my blogs regularly; if I don’t post blog in a long time, I worry them will be disappointed. I certainly don’t want such things happen. Thus, I decide write journal on Words now; then, when the Internet service works, I will transfer them to my blogs.

My winter break enters it third week. During the passed two weeks, I didn’t make much effort on my English study. I read Chinese novels, poetry, write several essays in Chinese, make stone seals, and practice calligraphy, which are those things I most enjoy in the world.

In spite of the fact that I bought an unlimited international telephone card for this month, I don’t spend much time to call my friends. Most of my phone calls are for my husband and parents. I left China over five years; although the friendship between my friends and I are my treasures, I feel I gradually lose much interesting topics in common with. Most of my Chinese friends don’t understand English, even though very simple words. However, I yearn for to use most of my time to practice and improve English. I feel unhappy about that, but I know it is a native process, and I have to accept it.

I went out eat with Susan and Joseph this Thursday. Joseph is Susan’s friends. They are not lovers although Joseph loves Susan very much and dreams her often. The problem is Susan is a married woman; she depends on the financial support from her husband for a living. Susan is unwilling stay along with Joseph only in public, so she always asks a few friends go together with them. Susan is a lovely woman, and everybody praise her using this word “pure”, I agree it as well. In contrast, Joseph is much more complex and profound in spite of his very young age, 19. I have had no negative opinions toward him anyway. It’s not my business.

I went a bar with Jenny last Saturday. I told Jenny I never go to a bar and don’t know how it is before. Jenny promised she would bring me to try one day. That day, she called me and we went to a bar at 10 pm. There was not too dark inside, and the music was not too loud compare to what I imagined. We stayed here a couple hours. At 1 am, Jenny called Xiyong and asked him to join us. I wondered his cell phone might turn off, but he came to the bar within ten minutes. We left the bar around 3 am and walked to home. The next day, a friend told me, “I saw you in the Main Street yesterday 3 am.” It’s so funny than I rarely went out at night, especial this time was I first time staying out until 3 am, but somebody found me.


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