Saturday, December 30, 2006

Reading Chinese novels

I went to a shopping mall at Long Island today with my aunt. Essentially, I don’t want to buy any clothes. I won’t work in the winter, so I don’t want to spend any unnecessary expense. I suggest going out for the goal to spend some time with her together.. If someone spend time to do the same thing with you, probably that means they hold a positive opinion to what you do. This is especially important to someone who has the low self-esteem, for example, my aunt. I can figure out she is happy about that. She spoke a lot on the way. In the shopping mall, she selected some clothes to me. Even though I didn’t agree with her view, I appreciate her concern.

I am reading a Chinese novel those days. It’s great, and I love it so much. It makes my laugh at every several sentences. However, it is certainly not a funny book but indeed have a serious thought of human life. The thought which hide behind the words will make you cry if you are not strong enough. The world is so odd and ugly; we can do nothing but laugh on face and cry in the heart. I wish to share my feeling with my husband, but, sadly, he totally doesn’t understand the author’s humor. He tightly follows the instruction from the government, books, tradition, and so on to do anything. He doesn’t know what independent and free thought is. It’s no surprise that he thinks the author is crazy. I agree with him at this point. But I believe the crazy thought of the author’s is a strong force to oppose the ugly reality, I admire it. But my husband believes crazy itself is ugly. I don’t expect anybody can understand me in the world.


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