Thursday, December 28, 2006

The first week in the winter break

This week, I am studying English grammar with Xiyong in the college library. He is a Chinese, and English is his second language as well. Although he tell me that he knows grammar well, while we study together, sometimes he cannot explain some grammar points which I am confused. He is not a native speaker after all. I wish I can meet a native speaker teaching me. But Xiyong said,"It's not too difficult if you want to pay." But the issue is I don't want to pay. Studying language is not a fast process and couldn't finish during a night. Pay for a couple of hours for a tutor is ineffectively, but I cannot offer a tutor during a long period.
We write short essaies and make sentences and exchange to check for each other. It's helpful. We can find out some mistakes even though not all of them. I am appreciate him studying together with me. Studying grammar is a so boring thing. If I study alone, I will fall in sleep within twenty minutes.
Xiyong will go to week from next week, I have to study alone. I will read my history books at that time.


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