Sunday, January 07, 2007

An A on the college English writing course

I got an A at my English 110 course. I am extremely excited by the result. I have never imaged that I can have an A for an English writing course. I know how the level of my English writing is clearly. I only formally study English two years. In addition, except having teachers and tutors in college, I have received little support from my relatives or friends. All of them all speak Chinese with me and cannot provide anything help to me the English writing. I feel sad about the situation. I am often very jealous of my friends who have husband or close friends whom are native English speakers. However, on the other hand, I cannot abandon my husband for him knowing nothing about English. I always try to offer a paradise to him since he married to me. I never want to see he feel a little bit pain or hurt due to what I do.

I have bought two English grammar books a few months ago and made a plan to study them during this winter break. The two books are in a series. Their name is “Grammar in Use”. One of them is for intermediate students and another is for advanced students. I am studying the easier one this weekend. It is very useful. I have solved many grammar points which confused me before from studying this book. I get the confidence that if I keep studying, I may write good English papers and making grammar mistake free one day. The only problem is I have less twenty days for free studying but there are a plenty of plans need to finish.

In spite of the hectic schedule, sometimes I waste time to do some useless things for no reason. Perhaps just being for relax or lazy, I blame myself lacking of the ability of self-control. I call my friends and gossip with them over one or two hours, surfing on Internet for no purpose within a couple hours. When my friends ask me go out, I push away my books immediately.

I put my used books on and sold three of them that resulting of a fact that I have to go to post office again and again. One of my close friends, Susan, she is going to take Computer course next semester. I have the books of this course and told her I’d like to sell them to her. Lately, when my husband knew that, he thought I should lent books to her rather than sell. I disagree with his opinion. My husband is a traditional person, he will be very embarrassed when he has to discuss money with his friends, but that certainly not means he is generous; in fact, he care about money much more than I do. As all the old-fashioned people, he believes face is the most important thing in his life.

In my opinion, if I sell books to Susan, both she and I will feel easy. I bought the package by one hundred and thirty dollars, and I try to sell it out as eighty dollars to Susan. After she finishes her course, if she keeps these books in a decent condition, she still can sell them out around fifty dollars. I believe making a business like that is acceptable. In contrast, if I lend books to Susan, she may feel that she has to do something for repay that makes things become complex. There is always an invisible balance between any friendships. Why don’t we make things simple?


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