Sunday, January 14, 2007

Join the public library programs

This afternoon I came to join a Chinese meeting in Flushing public library. It’s about seven writers introducing their new published books. They are from a Chinese writing association, and all of them are not professional writers except a newspaper reporter. The common chrematistics of them are in old age and enjoying in writing.

Perhaps, some of them are retired. They have a plenty experiences of lives and enough free time to write. Being a writer probably were a childhood ambitious of many of them. However, making a living in a foreign country is not easy and they had to put all their time and energy to deal with it in their early years. Now, they finally get the chance to do something they really enjoyed. They are writing for fun. In their writing, we see much of details of their common daily happenings and personal joy and sorrow rather than discussing big or serious issues such as political or countries.

I enjoy such discussion. When I stay among them, I am inspired by their passion of loving life although I cannot praise their achievement in the literature too much.

When I was a teenager, I used to stop doing anything for the reason I felt I couldn’t do them perfectly. However, when I grew older, I realized that I have to something real in spite of the imperfection. Being a low level is painful, but if you did nothing, all your passing time would be described as empty. The fact should be even more painful experience that could drive you crazy.

I have been joining every meeting and discussion which take place in the public library as long as they fit my schedule. In spite of the fact many of them are not in a high academic level, each time I have learned some very useful knowledge and opinions from those common people and their experience. Someone said you can learn from every other person. I believe the statement is absolutely right. It’s also the reason I like to make new friends as more as possible. This is a same principle that I’d like to join communicate groups. I expand my view when I listen and talk with them, and gain experience vividly. In contrast, if I choose stay home alone, I may not completely shut off the door the current society but only learn some second-hand information from books and mass media.


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