Monday, January 08, 2007

A regular day of the winter break

According to the policy of CUNY, every student has to take three writing intensive courses to fulfill one of the college requirements of the graduation. I am taking the American study as one of them in next semester. Today I have checked at college bookstore on line and found the text book of this course is “Heath Anthology of American Literature.” I have been loving literature since I was very young; however, I become to fear of the word “literature” in college studying due to literature books are much difficult to understand in comparison with common academic readings. I turned to worry about if I could handle this course well. I checked our college library and found it stores this book. I will go to the library to borrow it tomorrow and start to study it as soon as possible.

Yesterday, my Chinese history book which is listed on sold out and today I have shipped it. Unfortunately, tonight, when I checked my next Japanese course, I found one of required books is a book named as “Brief History of Chinese Civilization”, the exact same book I shipped off today. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. How does a Japanese course use a book as Chinese history? It’s unbelievable and crazy. Even though the professor insists on using this book, I won’t to buy one anyway. I already read this book this semester and had some idea about that. I believe I can pass.

I ran into Joseph in Main Street the noon after I walked to the public library. It seems as if he had nothing to do and was wandering on the street all day. I often meet Joseph on MSN and he always has much free time to chatting. I wonder how he has too much time to waste, of course, I understand he is nineteen. I try to recall what was my concern when I was nineteen, but in my memories, I am always worry about the losing of time rather than having a plenty of time to lose. After meeting me, he followed me to go to the library. When I was talking with the librarian whom I knew before, he stood behind me. The librarian smiled to him, and I guessed she might believe Joseph was my bf.

I asked if he had any plan to do today. He said he wanted to buy a present to Susan. We discuss this issue during last time we met. Joseph told he’d like to give Susan a bunch of flower, but Susan was worry when she took it home, her husband would mad about that. She prefers a necklace or earrings, “So I can keep long time.” She explained like this. I think both of them are good ideas. Joseph thinks Susan is as beautiful as flowers, so flowers are the best suitable gift. We suggested Susan lying to her husband, but she refused. Susan is a pure and kind person that completely different from most of our ugly people. I will lie sometimes and consider other as ugly as I could. Later, I accompanied Joseph to a Korean store. He bought a pair of earrings and a necklace, both of them are in pink. When Joseph was paying for them, the shopping assistant smiled to me as if the reason that he made the business was because of me. It’s funny.


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