Thursday, December 21, 2006

An exciting holiday!

All the exams are over. I still need work tonight and tomorrow morning; and then my winter holiday will start. I brought some books about Japanese history and European history from college library. I take those two courses next semester and want to do something for preparation. Jophse take the Japanese history course also. When I asked if he plans to read some books about this field, he responsed like this, "No, I want to make a girl friend." He is only ninteen, but his requirment of a gf is like a Asian gril, younger than thirty, not ugly. Becuase he helped my English paper, I really want to do something to repay him. I wish to introduce a girl to him, but I know few good girls. Beside, he has the capable to make friends. We have a plan to go out eat together with Susan, he and me after fianl exmas, probably I can pay money for the meal. I like Susan also, and she has given me a big package of batteries. I should do something for her too.
Many friends need to meet; many books are waiting to read. I love to work on my blogs as well. I also want to spend sometime with my aunt, perhaps watching TV with her. This is a way to improve relationship between us.
My aunt may feel lonely sometims although she never complain. She always prepend that she doesn't care if anybody concern her or not. However, this is an universal law that everybody needs other's care. She just dare not to require. When she speaks, she usually looks at her son rather than me becuase she has the confidence that her son would absolutely do nothing to reject her. But she doesn't have such confidence toward me. I feel sad about that. When I realized they are mother and son, the emotion of them is nature, I feel I have no reason to feel uncomfortable when I stay along with them. In fact, I am not a real family number of them and I never can be. Understanding this, I feel relief. I am starting to neglect negative somethings. If I don't pay attention to them, part of them, altought not all, could not exist in my life.

I also try to find some way to improve my English writing skill. How can I do that?
There is a telephone card, costing $13 and you can make international phone call unlimited withing 30 days. I will buy one tomorrow, and call my friends to my heart's corcent.

An exciting hoilday is beginning!!


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