Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Writing blogs for enjoy myself

The mid-term exam will take place next Monday. Our professor will give us the possible questions this Thursday. By the way, I appreciate he does that. I wonder if I have enough time to prepare it. Thus, I am trying to study those terms from the textbook and class notes before this Thursday; and then leave this weekend to focus on his questions. I wish I can get an A on this course, but I do not have a confidence about that it. European history since 1815 is a huge topic, which includes too much information, and the context is very complicate. Anyway, what I only can do is to try my best, regardless the result.

Despite the heavy stress from the exams, I enjoy the professor’s lecture very much. In fact, I couldn’t understand the class completely, but I force myself to concentrate on the professor’s speech and try to understand them as more as possible. In class, the professor shows a lot of pictures; some of them are very famous and worth to be known. Also, he runs the class slowly, leaving enough time to the students to take notes.

My friend Antony said he didn’t usually write blog because he felt his life was not very interesting. I agree with his opinion, few people has many exciting things that constantly happen around his or her everyday life. My life is probably even more boring than most New Yorkers’. And it’s true that almost nobody reads my blogs. However, when I read what I wrote a year ago, the past time was recalled, the joy and the sorrow things I had experienced. Because of the piece of writing, a partial of my life was kept. I think that is a good point for writing blogs.


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