Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's always fair

The first week of the summer class is over. I like the professor, his lecture, and the reading. However, I have to say the class is indeed intensive. We have class every morning 9 to 11:30 from Monday to Thursday. After class, we need to read the textbook, around one chapter or 30 pages per day. I often need to spend three or four hours to complete the reading. I also work on Monday and Tuesday afternoon 12 to 4.

During the past week, I rushed to reading and had no time to arrange class notes. I will do that during the weekend. Also, I plan to read more chapters during this weekend in order to leave the week time to study the teacher’s note next week.

The mid-term exam of this course will take place on the Monday of the third week. The final exam will be on the Wednesday of the fourth week. It is tough, but I enjoy the busy schedule; it pushes me studying. If I didn’t take college course, I definitely would waste this summer.
I expect an A on this course in order to improve my GPA. I had a B in this spring semester, which pulled down my GPA a bit. Because I focus on one course only during the summer class, I wish I can do better than regular period.

In the particular course, there are some factors very helpful and some are not. Because the language barrier, I cannot fully understand the textbook and the lecture that the professor given in the class. Since the time is very limited, it is impossible to reread the textbook again and again. Also, I am not familiar about Europe history or geography; thus, I cannot take a good note and write all the names of some persons and places that the professor mentions on the class.

However, I also found some positive factors on the class. First, the professor gives us Powerpoint slide show, which is very helpful for students to write down those important terms. Even though I don’t understand them within the class, if I know what the important terms are, I can do research after class by myself. Second, the professor will give us review list before exams. It is much better than the students do the review randomly within a whole textbook.

We are studying the Industrial Revolution in Britain during early nineteenth century today. Because I used to work as a low-paid labor in Chinese supermarkets, food factors, and restaurants, I have a profound understanding how harsh the work condition is in a factory. When I was in miserable situation, naturally, I repeatedly asked why I had to live in such a situation but somebody else can have an easy and rich life. Today, when I am studying this piece of history, I realize that the Europeans and Americans have a good life is not due to the bless of God, but their ancestors have done the effort for them hundreds years ago. It’s always fair.


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