Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not all As

I got 94 on my first English paper, I was so happy about that. I got an A on the first test of history 141, too. For the same professor, last year, I got a B- on the first test in his class. For this reason, I didn’t expect an A on this course. It is a surprise; I will keep study hard to win a final A.

However, I got 87 on the first exam on history 111. For one of the questions that I answered wrong was because I misunderstood the words in the question rather but not misunderstand the knowledge. In other words, my English problem causes the losing points. Also, the professor emphasizes class participation, but I just dare not to speak in the class. I believe that I have no chance to get an A on this course any more.

I will have the mid-term exam of the Oriental Study 220. I enjoy studying on it very much.


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