Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Study for the mid-term exam for the class of Oriental Study

I got the full point on one of my Chinese translation homework. Few students have done that. The reason I got it because of I spent time to discuss it with my tutors. I am glad that I have done that.

The mid-term exam of the Oriental Study 220 course will hold on next Tuesday. I put all my time to study on it and enjoy it so much. When I checked the schedule of class of next semester, I found Prof. Sukhu would teach Chinese 360. Because I am taking it right now, I cannot take the class again despite different teachers. Thinking about how stupid the current professor is, I just feel so pity; actually, I feel painful about that.

I am planning to take an art history course; the topic is about Buddhist art and architecture. I have taken one of Professor Lin’s course two years ago and got an A. I believe my English skill has improved a lot within the two years; thus, I think if I take a similar course right now, I can get an A without much difficulty. The most important thing is I love the topic.

I will definitely take Sukhu’s other Oriental course next semester. I have no future, so I do anything for happy myself.

For writing an essay to my English class, I start to read Robert Frost’s poems. I like them even though I still cannot understand them easily or very clear. For the sake to enjoy poetry, I am glad the improving of my English ability. It is so wonderful if one day I can enjoy the English literature and poetry.


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